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I am 20 years old, and I was born in Seattle but raised both here and in Southern California. Before Teen Challenge and Jesus, I was literally living in a tent under a bridge in downtown Seattle. Like most tragic stories, I experimented with drugs and alcohol at a very young age, but would consider the age of 11 as the start of my addiction. I could tell you stories that could be used as a script of a horror movie, but I would rather tell you what God has done in my life since I've surrendered to Him.

I believed that there was a God. I had some significant experiences that proved that to me that there was a God, but I had no personal relationship with Jesus. After entering this program I came to the realization that something as simple as humbling myself to accept help was a miracle in itself. Call it pride or ignorance — it doesn't really matter — I now know that God had and has a better plan for my life. Teen Challenge is just the tool that God has chosen to use at this time to get my attention. I am now living Jeremiah 29:11. I have a hope for my future and know that God's plans are greater than mine. I am grateful today.God has restored my relationship with my family since walking through these doors. I came "out from the tent" and stepped into His mansion! I am no longer homeless nor alone.