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I was born and raised in Monrovia, California. Drugs were a part of my life from the age of three or so. It was normal for adults to pass around a pipe filled with marijuana and I was taking a puff or two right along with them. Biker clubs and bar scenes were a part of my norm. I remember one of my very first jobs was selling drugs at the age of 14. To me, selling drugs had a two-fold purpose, getting money and getting free drugs! By the age of 16 I had tried almost every drug possible except for heroin.

At the age of 28 I was blessed with a son, Joseph. who was born on my birthday! What a gift from God! Drug use tore apart our family; both my wife and I fell victim to addiction. I tried to be a functioning addict single dad. It didn't work. God began to put Christian people in my life who taught me to be honest with myself and my son, they led me to Teen Challenge.

My son is now 18 years old and very proud of the fact that I am in the program. His mother is now one of the most godly people I know. I am now becoming the godly man and father that they both need! I realize that Jesus must be first and foremost in my life; then He will continue to bless all of my endeavors because it will not be my will that is done but His! I've got a ways to go but I am now on the right path! At the age of 46 I now realize "It's never too late!" Thank you Jesus!