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I was born and raised in Klamath Falls, Oregon. My early years were a mix of adjusting to my parents’ divorce and learning how to suck it up and keep moving. After years of seclusion and homeschooling under my grandmas tutelage; my dad, younger brother, and me moved into town. I quickly exploited my new freedom by exploring all the ways I could get into trouble. I started with marijuana and alcohol but progressed quickly to anything I could get my hands on.

Eight years later I was lost in the throes of opiate addiction, injecting twenty to thirty methadone pills a day just to stay sane, and as many as fifty if I had them. I worked constantly, sold drugs, and stole from my family, friends, strangers, and local businesses, just to feed my constantly growing addiction. When availability started to become a problem I tried sustaining myself with other drugs to help cope with the debilitating withdrawals, until I could find pain pills.

Through all of this the Lord continually got my attention by showing me His unconditional love for me through my dad, who was always there no matter how many times I lied to, stole from, or cheated him. He showed his grace through my mom who never stopped praying for me, and drawing her strength from God's promise to her; that my life was secured by Christ at my birth. In the months preceding me coming to Adult and Teen Challenge, I was depressed, broken, and praying for a change, before I inevitable plunged right back into my addiction; which I feared would finally succeed in killing me. God was faithful to meet me head on by my mom suggesting I go to Adult and Teen Challenge.

To say the least, I was apprehensive about a year long program, but when I walked through the doors of that old school in Shedd, Oregon, my fears were replaced with peace, and sense of purpose. Now every day I learn more and grow closer to God who I thought I knew my whole life, and am humbled by the thought that he has great plans for my life after all I have done.