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My name is Tamara. I was in jail in Crescent City, California when I encountered the Lord once again and knew there had to be more to this life. I really wanted to go to Adult & Teen Challenge in Graham, but there was no bed availability, and I didn't want to go anywhere else. I decided to call every day — sometimes three times a day or more. I had met someone in my hometown that had been to the Graham Campus and told me lots of great things about what happened to her, and I wanted that for my life more then anything else.

I started using drugs when I was thirteen. I am now 36; my life had been out of control, and I had no hope. I only had one more month to serve. I was so happy the day the Graham Campus said they would accept me into the program. The courts thought I was crazy because I was asking them to let me go to Adult & Teen Challenge for a year instead of finish one more month. I took the bus there, and it was a very long ride. Upon arriving, I found out that I couldn't talk to my boyfriend, and I wanted to leave. They were not going to let me have my way even though I cried and got mad. It was at that point that I realized what a mess I really was, and I broke down and cried a "good" cry and gave everything to the Lord. I chose to stay. Since that day I have not been the same. I have surrendered my heart totally to Jesus.  

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I had this very strange feeling that if I trusted Jesus, my life would be forever changed and I would be able to dream again. Since being here I have learned that God's ways are better then my ways, and that He has an amazing plan for me. When I confess my sins he forgives me. I have experienced a peace in my life that I have never known. I have a relationship with Jesus, and He is transforming me each day that I surrender. There are days where I struggle, but I am learning that God is in my struggle. He knows how many hairs I have on my head and deeply cares about me. I love Jesus so much. I am so excited about this new journey.

My relationships with my family and kids are being restored, and I am being trusted again. That means so much to me. I love my children so very much, and I am letting go of regrets because I cannot change the past but I can change my future. Thanks to this ministry and them helping me to know Jesus. I am living an abundant life. My favorite verse is Jeremiah 29:11: "He knows the plans he has for me, plans for a hope and a future." This is the life I always wanted, and I am so grateful.