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Hi my name is Brett, I am 24 years old and I was born and raised in Corvallis Oregon. I am the youngest of five children. Having two amazing parents along with for loving sisters, you could make the assumption that I was very much pampered in my early childhood. My parents tried their best to keep me separated from worldly influences by placing me in private schools. Come high school, I chose Crescent Valley so I could play sports at a more competitive level. Sophomore year I made varsity and that was when I started hanging out with upperclassmen. This was when I was exposed to drinking and smoking marijuana. At the age of 15 I was very curious to what this party life was about and soon fell in love with the popularity and acceptance that I gained  from it . I found myself quickly falling into a life of sin. Smoking weed daily, drinking heavily, and having sex with girls anytime I had the chance — the whole time lying to my parents and hiding my newly establish habits that lasted all the way through high school.

As I was becoming a young adult, the pressure of being successful started to arise. Everyone in my family had graduated college leaving me the only one remaining. My father and grandfather we're both collegiate athletes and seemed to succeed in everything they did. This motivated me to focus more in school my senior year, and found myself not as involved with the distractions that were pulling me down so greatly. I decided to play only football my last year of high school to prepare myself for college ball. I finished strong and school and went on to take college prep classes in the summer just after my 17th birthday. At this point I had every opportunity in the world to succeed in my future is looking bright.

Summer of 2009 I experienced a freak accident playing the sport I love the most. I received pain medication to cope with the pain. Not long after my script ran dry I became ill from the withdrawal effects of coming off the drugs. not only did I feel sick but I felt depression really for the first time in my life. Doctors told me I had injuries that were so severe that I wasn't ever going to be the same. At that point in my life I did what I could to not think about reality. I dropped out of my college classes and begin numbing myself more and more and consuming anything that gave me the false reality of "if I feel good, life is good". Oxycodone soon led to oxycotton, which led to heroin and eventually cocaine and methamphetamine.

As I got into my twenties my whole life has been turned upside down. I have pushed away all my true friends and surround myself with tweakers and junkies. Misery sure loves company. My addiction let me to distance myself from my family so I could start selling drugs. I only reach out to them to manipulate or receive personal gain. I quickly became an evil person that brought down everyone around me. I don't know how many people I got hooked on drugs but its too much to count.

I finally got arrested and went to prison. I made a name for myself in the drug world and even after 20 plus arrest s and 13 attempts in different rehab facilities I still failed to learn my lesson. If someone had told me my senior year of high school that in the next five years 75% of it will be incarcerated, you will have nine felonies on your record, 10 + overdoses and no friends. I would have laughed or thought you were seriously insane. I never would have imagined that someone with such a perfect upbringing could wind up in such dire straits.

All the poor decisions of my past let me to a choice. I knew the past was no longer an option but I didn't know what the future would hold. An act of desperation I reluctantly agreed to go to a year-long program Adult and Teen Challenge. So I didn't believe it would be any different from the programs of my past, I was willing to give it one final try. And in that desperation in keeping with his character, God met me at my point of need. The program asked stupid things of me and I fought it for months. I was essentially making the same selfish choices in a new environment. Through discipline, correction and mentors, God began to leave me out of myself and into the life I was always meant to live. The rules at once found suffocating me begin to set me free. The program continue to ask more and more of me and I began to answer the call. I realize that the program always had my best interest in mind, the difference was that Christ open my eyes to that truth. I went from being in trouble every day to disciple knuckleheads that made the same mistakes I made in the beginning. I started taking ownership of my behavior and through my example other guys were encouraged to do the same. I've made meaningful connections, lasting friendships, and began to feel truly happy. When I began studying the Bible it became alive in my life. The hunger and tenacity I once used to get high I am now channeling toward the kingdom of God. I know today that my future is bright and Christ is the only choice!