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I grew up in a loving family and in the church.  I always struggled in school — comparing myself to others and thinking I was not good enough.  I was dealing with rejection, shame, and doubt.

I started smoking weed when I was 13 years old, moved up to snorting pills when I was 15, and by 16 I tried cocaine.  The next day, I tried meth and I found a confidence like no other.  But soon I found myself needing it for confidence to step out of my door and face the world.  Otherwise, I was isolating myself.  I wanted to stop, but I thought there was no way out.  I constantly used meth to feel normal and okay in my own skin.

After 20 months of meth addiction, my parents told me about Adult & Teen Challenge.  I knew it would be good for me.  I thought about it and went for it.  When I came to Adult & Teen Challenge everyone was kind and very inviting.  I felt a belonging, and I wanted the joy that they had.

As I grew closer to the Lord, I started to see myself through His eyes and not the lies I used to believe. I find my confidence through Him and not a substance.  Adult & Teen Challenge helped me come to Christ and find who I am through Him.