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How John Found Freedom

John is one of our students who was asked to share his testimony at our Tri-Cities Campus first annual Pies and Ties event. His story is really touching because it includes a stranger named David — an average joe — who took time out of his life that could have been spent with his wife and five kids. Instead he went to the prison and facilitated a bible study and fellowship with some of the inmates.

David met John one Sunday while conducting a bible study in prison. John knew that he needed to make a change, and David consistently shared the gospel and offered to help John find the change he was looking for. John eventually got out of prison and went right back to using drugs, and homelessness or prison was just right around the corner, but John took a chance and called David. David picked him up, called the Tri-Cities Campus, paid John's intake fee, and has sacrificed his finances to monthly support John while he's in Pacific Northwest Adult and Teen Challenge.

img_5958_2.jpgJohn is nine months into our program, and although he has faced a lot of challenges, he has always remained teachable. He was baptized at Spiritual Emphasis in September, and he has a strong relationship with God. Since entering our program he has cleared up his warrants, completed his anger management classes, and now has applied for an internship with Adult & Teen Challenge.

God has restored John's relationships with his family, restored hope for his future, and has broken the chains of bondage that had bound him for so long.

God has performed another miracle!