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My name is Robert.  Before I came to Teen Challenge, my life was in total ruin.  My addiction to alcohol and drugs was so out of control that I know that I’m a miracle saved by the grace of God.  I have tried several secular and spiritual programs throughout my life in the past, but was not willing to accept the true fact that I was still trying to be in control of my life, what my feelings wanted and what my interests were. 

I used to have this false sense that as long as I tried hard to do what’s right and clean up and do my best to serve God on my own terms, that things would be okay.  Well, I was wrong, and I was thinking from my weak conscience and not my heart.  I used to beat myself up over this way of thinking for many years, until the Lord made me see myself for what I really was - a sinner so spinning out of control that I was headed for death with no way out.  That was the reality that flashed through my mind four months ago, before I came to Teen Challenge

The Holy Spirit led my heart here, through brokenness and contrite heart, and I realize that, a new way of life in Jesus Christ and accepting His will for me and not my own.  I thank God and praise the Lord, Jesus Christ for Teen Challenge, because I know in my heart that God has reserved this day for me to really know Him and His awesome loving grace and forgiveness of my sins. I too know what it’s like to be lost in sin and hurting on the streets, living by railroad tracks, under bridges, and wherever I could to get drunk, high, and hide behind this false sense of hope which only was a lie of the devil to deceive me and keep me into bondage.

If this isn’t divine intervention, then I don’t know what else it could be.  All I know is, God is real, Jesus is alive, and His Holy Spirit bears witness in my heart that He is true to every word He speaks.  He only wants the best for me and for everyone else, who calls on Jesus’ name for a true, real loving, transforming and healing new spiritual life. 

Teen Challenge helped me to discover that God has a purpose for me to serve Him, and to grow spiritually strong preparing me for a better life and equipping me with the spiritual weapons of warfare that I’ll need until Christ’s return.