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Hello my name is Savannah, I am 22 years old and the oldest of three. From the beginning I was raised in a broken home; my father was sent to prison when I was only four years old. Before I was five years old I had been sexually abused and my whole perception of life was altered. Growing up I was teased and put down—I felt as though I was never good enough. By the age of 17 I found myself entering into heavy drug abuse. My focus went from normal high school activities—like playing basketball and singing in choir—to a slew of bad relationships, drug deals, and a heavy heroin addiction. At 21 years old I believed that I was going to die a lonely, pathetic drug addict.

I fell so hard, so quickly, that by the time I had hit rock bottom I had burnt every bridge I had ever built—I tore them down with my own hands. That’s when I couldn’t take life anymore; I was home alone one night, sick and desperate. I was done. I wanted to give up and die, and I was angry! I told God either take my life now or fix it because I can’t go on living this way! Little did I know He was with me all along. God breathed His Holy Spirit into me that night, setting in motion my path to Teen Challenge. I entered Hannah’s House on October 3rd, 2011. That is where, for the first time, I experienced God's love. My life has never been the same; it was altered the day I walked through the Hannah’s House doors. In Jesus I have discovered myself for the very first time. I have discovered my purpose, my hopes, my dreams, and a real life with Him!

In May and June of 2012 I suffered the loss of my mother and grandmother. But telling you the truth, I find myself lucky! I have had the privilege of being carried and loved by God. I completed my program at Hannah’s House on November 4th, 2012. I chose to stay on and complete a year-long internship with Teen Challenge Ministry Institute, but this time I have been given the opportunity to help young women from the ages of 13-17, at the Teen Challenge Boise Girls Academy. In January, I arrived in Boise and I hit the ground running. The Lord has been faithful in all things; He has never left me, and He has always protected, provided, and blessed me with His love and mercy. In Proverbs 16:3 it says “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans." The Lord is doing more than I could have ever hoped or imagined, and He used Teen Challenge to help save my life. Not only to save my life, but He is using Teen Challenge to help build me a life.