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Meet Daniel

I was born in Sacramento, California but grew up in the small town of Crescent City. Starting at the age of 17, I started experimenting with drugs. By 19 years old, my drug of choice was methadone. I struggled with with this addiction for the next 11 years—trying to quit but to no avail. When I finally hit my rock bottom, I dropped to my knees and prayed to God harder than I ever had before to fix my life and do what he wanted with me. In less than 24 hours, I found myself on a greyhound bus ride to Portland, Oregon to enter Teen Challenge. With Gods help, I roughed out 3 months of opiate withdrawals and started my year long journey. I now have nine-and-a-half months complete, and God has blessed me with so many miracles. I’ve learned to be obedient and content wherever God puts me. The old me is gone forever, and I will forever follow God and thank Him every day for saving me life. Thank you Teen Challenge!