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Lesia Brown

Lesia Brown entered the Teen Challenge Montana Women’s program here in Missoula during May, 2010 and successfully completed the program in May of 2011.  After completion, Lesia returned to her hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconson and served as an intern in the Teen Challenge - Robby Dawson Home for Women for the next six months.

“I thank God for TC Montana Women’s Outreach; it is my home away from home.”

During and after completing the internship at the Robby Dawson Home, Lesia has also been working for the Jabez Residential Living Center as a house manager and as a receptionist in the executive office for the Ceria M Travis Academy serving elementary aged children

The transition from Teen Challenge was challenging and not perfect, but Lesia is continuing to grow in her life to trust Jesus in all His ways, and to lean upon Him rather than her own understanding.  Lesia's heart's desire is to minister to the lives of troubled teens–to give to them something that she herself did not have at that stage of life–a future and a hope. (Jer. 29:11)