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Cadence and Mom

Cadence (my three-year old daughter) and I were outside looking at the sunset and talking about the crickets. Cadence started crying and said, “Mom, I want Jesus to come down from Heaven.” I answered “He will someday.”  She said “I want him to protect me from the wolves.”  I replied “Honey, he will.”

Before I came to Teen Challenge, I felt trapped in the pit of addiction that I did not think was possible to get out of. I came to the point where I did not know how to function sober. I even chose drugs over my own beautiful daughter. I was stuck in Satan’s lies and deception for far too long.

Before coming to Teen Challenge I was completely out of control. I had lost my son to the state due to a long drug addiction. I was a broken woman, completely in bondage, full of guilt and shame. I didn’t think I could be loved by anyone–least of all the Creator of our universe.

I had been hiding from God for over 3 years–using meth and pills to mask the pain of a marriage gone wrong and the feelings of why I wasn't good enough. I had been to three treatment centers before Teen Challenge, and I still kept using.

Listen as Stevee tells her inspiring story of how she found freedom in Christ.

Terrance Nelson

My name is Terrance Nelson. I am twenty-six years old, and I completed the Teen Challenge program in January of 2011. February of 2011 is when I began my internship. During my program and internship I've been stretched. From the internship being extended from six months to one year and adding TCMI. At first I was nervous, but determined...


My name is Jeff Shindler. Almost three years ago I decided I couldn’t keep living the way I was. I had been living as an addict for twenty-five years, with the last five years being homeless. I lived under bridges, in fields in a tent, and sometimes under a bush in the park or beside an abandoned building. I did this between three different states, Reno, Nevada, Sacramento and Redding, California and Salem, Albany, Cottage Grove and Eugene, Oregon.