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Becky & Her Daughter

My name is Becky and I was born in Hermiston Oregon as a result of an affair. I’ve never felt like I was wanted. I felt like as I entered the world I destroyed my dad’s family. So my whole life I’ve strived for meaning, belonging and love. All I’ve wanted is to be accepted.

Brandi & Wyatt

My name is Brandi.  I was addicted to methamphetamines and heroin for a very long time. I was prescribed Ritalin and Xanax back in college that I took for twelve years. My son was removed from my care three months after he was born because of my drug addiction. The life I was living was nothing short of a nightmare. I was so depressed for so many years because of choices I made along the way. Finding the will to get out of bed, at times, seemed almost impossible. The thought of it would literally torment me.

Gary & his wife at the 2012 Spring Banquet

Gary recently wrote in a Christmas letter,

“My drinking had become worse and worse. My wife left me, I lost my job and home, and the doctor told me to change since my diabetes and blood pressure were out of control. It was not until I saw an old school friend of mine dying from cirrhosis of the liver, that I realized it was like looking into a mirror–this was me in a matter of time.

Alyson and her family

“I saw the words ‘positive thinking’ on some Teen Challenge materials and knew that I had to get there.  My cell mate arranged with her lawyer to help me.  I wasn't prepared for the power behind those positive words; at Teen Challenge I met the Living Word.”

Deanna King

Deanna King

“God used Teen Challenge Montana Women’s Outreach to transform me and my life . . . and He is still refining me.”

Deanna arrived at Teen Challenge in January of 2008 just out of jail. Prior to jail she was homeless.  In November of 2009 she graduated the program having been delivered from a life of alcohol, drugs, street life, prostitution and selling drugs.


It's not just the women's lives that are touched and changed by God through the ministry of Teen Challenge Montana Women's Outreach.  Annika came to Teen Challenge in the summer of 2005 and completed in the summer of 2006.  Here is a note from the heart of her mom about Annika's journey with God and how it started with Annika but it didn't end there…

Brandi - Teen Challenge Alumni

“Teen Challenge Montana Women’s Outreach helped me to ‘know’ Jesus, beyond knowledge” (Eph 3:18-19)

Brandi entered Teen Challenge Montana Women’s Outreach in August, 2006 and completed the program one year later.  She remained at Teen Challenge for six months and successfully completed Phase Five in February, 2008.

Jeremy is a student at the central Oregon Men's Outreach. He tells his story of drug abuse, his breaking point, and finding salvation and sobriety in Jesus Christ. Jeremy has come a long ways since he entered our program on September 13, 2011. We are looking forward to what God has for Jeremy after he graduates. Way to go Jeremy!!!!

Lesia Brown

Lesia Brown entered the Teen Challenge Montana Women’s program here in Missoula during May, 2010 and successfully completed the program in May of 2011.  After completion, Lesia returned to her hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconson and served as an intern in the Teen Challenge - Robby Dawson Home for Women for the next six months.

“I thank God for TC Montana Women’s Outreach; it is my home away from home.”